Build semantic search index like a breeze.

With the native built-in semantic search index builder in Roe, data teams can spend less time to configure the indexing infrastructure. This allows an shorter cycle to experiment different indexing strategies.

Video mockup of feature build semantic search index

Semantic search or keyword match? no need to choose.

Natural language query like "golden gate photos this year" often fails because "this year" cannot be easily interpreted by a semantic search.

Roe hybrid search architecture combines semantic with metadata search, to deliver the ultimate precise searching experience.

Video mockup of feature metadata search



AI agents fleet for data analytics, called Roe.

Choose from a fleet of AI agents to analyze complex data like documents, videos. Each AI agent is fully configurable - multimodal prompt, model, output schema, ensemble method and more.

Video mockup of feature AI Agent

Command Roe agents on data via Roe SQL.

The powerful Roe agents are born to scale. Use them on the multimodal data via Roe SQL.

Have certain scalability requirements? Talk to Roe AI team for options!

Video mockup of feature Roe agents

Complete Cost observability.

Knowing ROI is crucial. Roe AI offers a usage based pricing, where the cost is transparently displayed in the Roe agent page and the organization page.

Video mockup of feature Cost observability

Agent SDK (Coming soon)

Roe AI Agent SDK allows developers to create customized data agents and share with organization.



AI Chat Data

Customer Success

Fraud Detection

Social Listening

The data produced by AI chat assistants are complex to the modern data tools. They contain natural languages, images and agentic operations.

Roe AI supports chat history as a native data type, providing an easy way to help AI teams search, evaluate and analyze the chat data using LLMs and LVMs with simple SQL queries.

Understanding customer satisfaction from millions of customer calls takes a village.

With Roe, you can analyze the customer calls at scale, by pinpointing the most successful and failed calls, drilling into the hows and whys, analyzing topics and tones to excel the customer successes.





How does it work if my multi-media data is stored in AWS Blob Storage or Snowflake Internal Staging?

Roe will build a directory of blob references to your multi-media data, so that you do not need to move your data from your existing blob storage to Roe. This offers great convenience and data privacy,

Once Roe builds the directory, you can process and query your multimodal data in your blob storage, directly from Roe.


How scalable is Roe AI data platform?

Roe AI scales to thousands of multi-media files per second.

For closed source models like GPT-4o, Roe automatically batches the requests and load balance across multiple Azure OpenAI AZ.
Ray is on Roe, so for open sourced models hosted on Roe, you can elastically scale the compute.


Can teams with minimal ML background use Roe?

Yes! That's why we build Roe AI. We believe AI belongs to everyone.
Simplicity is in our gene and we want to remove any overhead from the core business data tasks.


How much does it cost?

Industry-standard, separate storage and compute usage based billing, prepaid capacity.

We'd love to discuss your budget and curate a personalized capacity plan based on your demand.